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  • Martha Tilaar Group, the Real Giant Cosmetic Industry

Martha Tilaar Group, the Real Giant Cosmetic Industry

Martha Tilaar Group is a giant cosmetic company which has a great numbers of cosmetic brands. Each  brand produces again so many products by itself and has its own market. The story began when they started their business in 1970 in Jakarta. Many years ahead, with their busy schedule in never ending research and innovation, their new products always come out with new improvements. Their products are so many, but in a good quality.  

Now take a look what brands they have. Beginning from Sari Ayu. This brand uses natural ingredients for the treatment from head to toe. Then Caring, whose target is the young professional. Next is Belia. This cosmetic brand is only for teenagers. Then comes out Rudy Hadisuwarno, which focuses on hair. Next is Biokos, which also uses natural ingredients and it is targeting the women  in their 20s to 40s. Next is Mirabella, whose price is more affordable and its target is the modern ladies. While Cempaka is for the dynamic ones and it is also completed with its spa products. Finally, the Group released PAC cosmetic and Dewi Sri Spa for their premium market. You can see everything here in detail. 

After existing for 43 years, Martha Tilaar Group can boast themselves as the biggest cosmetic industry in Indonesia.    

Rosie Soemardi