Friday, 23 May 2014

Tex Saverio & His Incredible Clothes

From his Midas collection

Tex Saverio. Compared to most of the Indonesian designers, he is regarded as a new comer. But his creations do not reflect amateur at all. Instead, they show very skillful hands behind them. Without doubt, this 30 year old man (born in 1984) is full of creativity. Soon after finishing his study in Bunka Fashion School and Phalie Studio in Jakarta, Tex did not wait long to put his name as a promising designer in Indonesia.  He also received "Inspiring People Award" by HP in 2011 and was stated as the most talented young fashion designer by Amica Indonesia Awards. His business grows quickly as well. The famous Lady Gaga is one of those who have worn his clothes. Sometimes his designs remind us of Alexander McQueen, John Galliano or Paco Rabanne. He also makes bridal gowns. But we can see that Tex likes futuristic a lot. His clothes speak that. It's like he wants to say that we are now in the millenium era and his clothes translate it so clear.

Here are some of his collections :

From his S/S 2014

From his F/W 2014

From The Revelation

From his Glacon

 From My Courtesan

image is the courtesy of Tex Saverio Jakarta
Rosie Soemardi