Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Fashion Icon : Farah Khan

If we talk about the luxury business in Malaysia, it’s impossible to not mention a powerful woman behind it. She is Farah Khan, a conglomerate who has brought luxury goods to enter Malaysia since 1989. Mention some of the famous labels we can think of, from Ermenegildo Zegna, Saint Laurent, Tod's, Juicy Couture, Aigner, Emilio Pucci, Hugo Boss, Stuart Weitzman, and many others – she has made all of them become popular in Malaysia. Totally, there are more than 100 famous labels altogether, including her own label "Farah Khan" – she herself is a fashion designer - the label which its stores have been opened in Indonesia as well. Born and raised in Singapore and now lives in Kuala Lumpur, Farah has made a tremendous growth for the luxury industry in Malaysia. She is also a food lover, and following her taste, she  opens all of the Dome CaféAseana CaféBar and Yo! Sushi throughout Malaysia. 

It only needs one sentence to describe her, "She is a truly business woman." It’s like what she “touches” will turn into gold, just like a Midas’ touch. All of her business is under Melium Group, where she herself is the Founder and the President. Not forget to mention, there is also an exciting thing to do in her M store – which is also part of Melium Group - where we can get many choices of the famous labels. 

Now we can say that in the high fashion world there are two powerful women who we cannot easily forget. They are Anna Wintour in the United States, and it's definitely Farah Khan when we are in Malaysia. Both of them often do charities. And both of them has developed the luxury business to reach its outstanding level. 

Rosie Soemardi
image is the courtesy of Melium Group