Thursday, 11 July 2013

BIYAN : The Story of A Genius Work


The history began when as a young man, Biyan - who was born in 1954 in Surabaya – was actually studying Architecture in Germany, when his inner voice asked him to change his direction. The “voice” must have been so loud that he decided to study Fashion Design right away in Dusseldorf and London, and left the Architecture since then. In fact, it’s only a thin border which separates Architecture and Fashion Design. Both of them have an aim to create beauty, and both of them need skillful hands to make it into realization.

Biyan is a sacred name. When we hear this name, we have an image in our minds about certain beauty. Biyan can translate the beauty so well through his dresses. He is one of the genius in creating this. His clothes seem fit for angels. Women look beautiful in his clothes.

He is a down to earth person, in spite of his success. He  does not open his fashion house in Milan and Paris to make his name as famous as Giorgio Armani or Karl Lagerfeld. Instead, he invites the international world to come to Indonesia. The country which is located very far from Europe and America. The archipelago country which is called the jewel on the equator - because of its rich nature - surrounded by seas and oceans. The country where Bali, one of the islands in Indonesia, is much more well-known in the world than the name of the country itself. But to overcome the long distance, now his brand finally can be found in the department stores in Paris, Madrid, New York, Hongkong, Dubai, Singapore, and other countries. Or people can buy on line through Net-a-Porter site. 

Time goes so quickly, and last June he just celebrated his 30 years dedication as a fashion designer. With full of beauty, full of glamour, as usual. Very spectacular. Until now, the beauty he has created is still constant. It never fades.   

Kelly Rutherford in BIYAN
A scene in "Gossip Girl"

The Celebration of His 30th Anniversary as a Fashion Designer

Rosie Soemardi
image is the courtesy of BIYAN